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Mixtape: Baile Moderno by Dj Domingo


Dj Domingo nos regala un nuevo mixtape de corte electrónico con temas que van de rock al house clásico, pasando por el electro y otros multiples estilos destinado a bailar como lo hacen los modernos. Casi nada.

  1. Rumskib – You’re My Japan
  2. Sonic Youth – Tremens
  3. The Stone Roses – Shoot You Down (Soul Holligan Remix)
  4. September 70 – Lifted
  5. Eddie C. – Wonderful Dub
  6. Com Truise – Brokendate
  7. Medlar – Terrell (Bicep’s Brooklyn Shuffle)
  8. Virgo Four – Let The Music Play
  9. J Boogie’s Dubtronic Science – Go To Work (feat. The Pimps of Joytime – Dj Eleven Remix)
  10. Samuel Max – Rayne
  11. High Places – Year Off
  12. Marbaya Sound – Non Reciprocal
  13. Steve Hauschildt – Batteries May Drain
  14. Future Islands – Little Dreamer (feat. Victoria Legrand – Jones Remix)
  15. Still Corners – Endless Summer
  16. Tiga – Gentle Giant (Martyn’s Heaven Remix)
  17. Sóley – I’ll Drown  18. Apparat – Goodbye (Instrumental)

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Mixtape: Cool summer in Barcelona by Debruxelas

El verano que no es verano… Frío, nubes. Barcelona que es Berlín. Un poco de oscuridad, hip-hop y dub para este agosto.

1 Space Trooper By Bruce Springsteen
2 Someone Cares By Jeremy Jay
3 ‘The World Is A Ghetto’ By Charles Kynard
4 Heart Failed (In The Back Of A Taxi) Two Lone Swordsmen  By Saint Etienne
5 Caffeine (Feat Gaskel Greed) By Slime
6 Fixxy Gnepz By . Ed Chamberlain
7 Sundriped By *Com Truise
8 Irie By Skream
9 Best Friends By Eliot Lipp
10 Another Place By Laylow
11 Mama From The Mountain By Cortney Tidwell
12 Polar Bear Dub By Sideshow
13 Tobira 2 By Ki Oku

Mixtape: Adventures in… by Dj Domingo

“Adventures in…” a mixtape by Dj Domingo.

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1. It's On Everything By Akira Kosemura
2. Spirits Drifting By Brian Eno
3. The Next Shit By Dj Vadim
4. Cessperado By Eludem
5. TummlerB By Depakote
6. My Halo By Atlas Sound
7. Dance Of The Japanese Beetle-Bug By Los Cincos
8. Sniper By Joe Gibbs And The Professionals
9. Another Horizon By Nite Jewel
10. Gardening By Mike Slott
11. I Wonder By Ending In Ing
12. Tell Me (Villa Nah Remix) By Au Revoir Simone
13. Lady Daydream By Twin Sister
14. Hourglass By Gravenhurst
15. The Future Is Blinding By Epic45